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제목 언어와 의사소통 관련 글입니다..
작성자 감사합니다 ㅠ 작성일 2018-06-20 조회 126
A crucial distinction exists between communication
and language. All animals communicate, some in
rather simple ways (moths releasing a pheromone
when they are ready to mate) and some in very
complex ways (birds that learn and practice advanced
vocal songs). Many animals communicate via multiple
modalities-mammals such as dogs have a complex
communication system that includes olfactory cues in
urine, vocalizations of different types, and visual
displays. Spotting a predator, vervet monkeys produce
alarm calls differing according to predator type, and
their calls allow other vervets to take evasive action.
Such systems of communication, and numerous others,
have been termed “language,” but by the specific
definition adopted by some researchers, none of them
are. In order to motivate the view of language that
will be introduced, let us examine some forms of
human communication that are not language.

Humans communicate through various distinct
signaling modalities, and facial expressions make up a
set of communication signals typical of our species.
For example, smiling occurs in positive situations and
is interpreted as a signal of happiness, pleasure,
friendliness, or sometimes submission. Smiling is
common to all human cultures, and is present in blind
newborns who could never have seen this display.
Such communicative signals can be termed innate
because they are present at birth, but this could be
misleading as they often have a learned component as
well. Although such signals form an important part of
human communication, they are not termed human language

질문이 있습니다.

이 글이 language and commication에 대한 글입니다. language와 communication의 차이가 궁금합니다.

글에 대한 해석이 달라서 질문입니다.

1. communication is different from language because language is innate but communicative signals could have a learned component as well as are innate.

2. commucation은 타고난 것 언어는 learned된 것으로 봅니다.

무엇이 맞는지 설명부탁드리겠습니다. ㅠㅠ


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