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제목 답변입니다
작성자 프랙티쿠스 작성일 2018-04-02 조회 160
안녕하세요 답변 드리겠습니다.

put이 무슨 특별한 뜻을 지니는 것은 아니고,

put to the service of이므로 ~를 위해 봉사하다, ~을 위해 활용되다 정도 의미라고 생각하시면 됩니다.

when K-pop is put to the service of peace에서 주어와 be 동사가 생략된 형태입니다.

충분한 답변이 되었길 바랍니다. 감사합니다.


reply  원본글

안녕하세요! 대표님.
이코노미스트를 읽다가 질문드려요.^^

Hi there, Bad Boy J
Can K-pop bring the two Koreas closer together?
It would help if the North did not imprison those caught listening to catchy tunes from the South
Mar 31st 2018

K-POP is a serious business, especially when put to the service of peace, mutual understanding and denuclearisation. So the three-day visit beginning on April 1st that will bring some of South Korea’s biggest stars to Pyongyang to play a joint concert with North Korean colleagues needed careful preparation. Before southern officials went to check out the venues, an advance party of South Korean performers discussed line-up, staging and the delicate question of costumes with their northern counterparts.

첫단락에서 ~when put to the service of pease~에서 put을 어떻게 해석해야 할까요
사전적으로 put이 어떤 상황에 처하다 라고 해석해야 하는지, 말하다 표현하다로 해야 할지~ 아니면....,뭔가 생략된듯도 하고~ 답변부탁드립니다.^^

2018-04-01 PSUNNY

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